Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin ground Ceylon cinnamon  1.25Oz
Cinnamon Tree Organics Single origin ground Ceylon cinnamon
Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin ground Ceylon cinnamon  3.5Oz
Cinnamon Tree Organics Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

We have sold out of our ground Ceylon cinnamon. Our farmer grinds a new batch of his Ceylon cinnamon every 6 months for us. The next batch is on its way and will be available in Mid May. Sign up for refill alerts below.

Cinnamon Verum or Ceylon cinnamon tastes very different to cassia varieties that are more widely available in North America, and yet preserves that cinnamon flavor you love in cinnamon buns and other baked goods.
  • Also known as Cinnamomum Verum or Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
  • Heirloom variety native to Sri Lanka
  • Sourced from the central hills of Sri Lanka 
  • Organically grown

Tastes floral with notes of honey and crystalized ginger.

Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon prior to 1972) and is a rare find in North America. If you or someone you know usually says "I'm not a fan of cinnamon," that's because you've been eating the strong "in your face" tasting cassia. Try Ceylon and you're in for a wonderful surprise!

Great uses

  • Bake into cakes, breads, cupcakes, muffins
  • Sprinkle over fresh fruit, yogurt, pancakes, oatmeal, chia pudding and other breakfasts
  • Add to your morning coffee and tea for a special treat and mix into smoothies and lattes
  • Shake over ice cream, puddings, cheesecake, chocolate tart and other desserts
  • Stir into soups, chili, curries and sauces to elevate flavors of other spices you are adding
  • Make fresh cinnamon tea: add 1 tablespoon ground Ceylon cinnamon or crush one Ceylon cinnamon stick into boiling water and steep for 10 minutes, covered.

Good pairing combos: cardamom, nutmegcloves

Detailed harvesting process

The harvest season for Ceylon cinnamon in Sri Lanka is from June to August each year. Our cinnamon farmer works to harvest all of his crop at this time. We buy a portion of this as whole cinnamon sticks while the rest is milled on demand, grinding each small batch exactly when we need it. This way, the ground cinnamon you get has its natural oils preserved — you will smell and taste the difference.

Did you know that cinnamon powder you buy off a grocery store shelf can be 4-5 years old? The natural oils that give the spice its flavor and aroma (to say nothing about health benefits) will already be dried up by then!

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Roseanne St Clair
Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

This is the best cinnamon I have ever tasted. Very pleased with my purchase. I plan to use it on ice cream, pancakes, french toast, etc. I will be purchasing more in the future not only for me, but for my dad who seems to enjoy it on his bread.

Suzanne F.
Wonderful !

So fresh with a great aroma. So far, I’ve used this in coffee and with oatmeal and the taste was incredible. Anxious to use it with other foods and recipes. With “store-bought” cinnamon, I always had to double the amount of cinnamon listed in the recipe.

Carol Furman
Ceylon Cinnamon

After much searching and review reading I ordered this brand of Ceylon cinnamon and am very pleased with the quality and purity.

Kellyy Gallagher
Best cinnamon on the planet

My father has eaten oatmeal with cinnamon every morning for decades. For his birthday I went on a quest to find the best cinnamon in existence, and he swears it is this one!!! He was so sad when he ran out of the first pack I got him, I decided to buy more and keep refilling his shaker without him knowing so he will never have to run out again. Thank you so much. I will be a customer for life.

Good product

Highly recommend