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Organic Ground Black Pepper

"I don't usually think about black pepper as having any flavor. I think 'oh, it's just black pepper,' but this is some REALLY GOOD black pepper! Really good." — Cristin Cooper, Coop's Soups, Olney, MD.

Cristin pretty much sums it up. All black pepper is not created equal. Our farmer freshly mills his black peppercorn (Piper nigrum) for us on demand, so the natural oils that give black pepper its intense flavor is still intact and ready to blow you away!

Tasting notes of cayenne, ginger root and tropical heat.

  • USDA certified-organic
  • Grown in the central hills of Sri Lanka
  • Naturally dried in the tropical sun
  • Ground on demand for freshness

When you buy spices including black pepper off a grocery store shelf, it's very likely that its flavors and aromas have already faded away. If you thought you knew what black pepper tastes like, try our black pepper and be ready to change your mind.

How to use

  • Sprinkle on fresh fruit: try on almost-ripe mango, apple, pineapple, melons and ripe jackfruit — trust us, you'll wonder why you ever ate fruit any other way!
  • Mix into salads, pasta and dips
  • Add to marinades and rubs for meats and seafood
  • Combine with olive oil and salt to roast root vegetables
  • Add to olive oil and use as a dip for hardy breads

Harvesting details

Our farmer grows his black pepper alongside Ceylon cinnamon in the central hills of Sri Lanka. During the harvesting season between June and August every year, he watches for the berries to start ripening and turning red. This is how he knows it's time to send the pickers up ladders to handpick the berries individually.

Once harvested, the crop is sorted, cleaned and laid out to dry in the intense tropical sun. Basking in the heat, the berries turn dark brown and gain its signature wrinkles, sealing in the flavors. When we place an order, our farmer grinds the black pepper on demand, so the powder is still fresh by the time it lands on your doorstep. You'll be able to smell the pepper through the box!

Grind it yourself: Fresh whole black peppercorn

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Perfect grind for stove and table use!