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Cinnamon Tree Organics ground Ceylon ginger packs
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Cinnamon Tree Organics Ground Ginger

Intense Ground Ginger

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Our ginger comes from the central hills of Sri Lanka, where our farmer grows an heirloom variety native to Sri Lanka. The ginger is sweet like honey and peppery-spicy.

Once harvested between January and March each year, he dries the ginger under the tropical sun out on his fields. Then he grinds it into a powder that's in between coarse gravel and fine sand.

Tastes sweet, spicy and intense. 

  • Heirloom ginger variety native to Sri Lanka
  • Grown using organic farming practices

How to use

Start with 1 tsp in place of 1 inch fresh ginger and adjust up or down according to taste. This ginger is much more potent and intense than store-bought ginger powder!

  • Stir into curries, soups, stews, achaar and chutney
  • Make chai tea, turmeric latte and other hot beverages
  • Add to smoothies, desserts and candy
  • Make the perfect cup of ginger tea: Add 1 tsp to 1 cup water and bring to a rolling boil on the stove top or kettle. Add 1 black tea bag (we like English Breakfast or Orange Pekoe), cover and steep for 3 minutes. Strain and enjoy!

Great pairings: Ground Ceylon cinnamon