Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin ground green cardamom 1.25 Oz pack
Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin green cardamom packs
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Cinnamon Tree Organics ground green cardamom  pods

Ground Green Cardamom Seed

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This green cardamom contains only the seeds of the pods and not the pod husk, which makes it so much more potent and intense. 

Not surprisingly called the "Queen of Spices" for its intense floral flavor, green cardamom is a rarer spice. In Sri Lanka, small farmers grow heirloom green cardamom in small quantities. We source this freshly ground spice from a farmer collective until their harvest runs out.

Tasting notes of honey and summer flowers.

  • Contains seeds only and no pod husk
  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka
  • Naturally dried in the shade from the heat of the tropical sun
  • Milled on demand at the source

How to use

Start with half the amount a recipe calls for, as fresh seed powder is much more intense and pungent than spices from a grocery shelf.

  • Bake into cakes and cookies
  • Sprinkle over yogurt, oatmeal and chia pudding
  • Add to your morning coffee and tea for a special treat
  • Mix into smoothies and lattes
  • Shake over ice cream and other creamy desserts

Great pairings: Ground Ceylon cinnamonintense ground ginger

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