Cinnamon Tree Organics Green Cardamom Pods 1.25Oz
Organically grown fresh green cardamoms
Cinnamon Tree Organics Green Cardamom Pods 3.5Oz
Cinnamon Tree Organics Green cardamom pods

Green Cardamom Pods

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Not surprisingly called the "Queen of Spices" for its intense floral flavor, green cardamom is a rarer spice. In Sri Lanka, small farmers grow heirloom green cardamom in small quantities. We source this fresh whole cardamom in small batches from a farmer collective until their harvest runs out.

Tasting notes of honey and summer flowers.

  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka
  • Naturally dried under tropical heat

How to use

Crush open the pod using a mortar and pestle or the back of your kitchen knife. Use the pod and the seeds inside in its entirety. 

  • Make masala chai (chai tea) from scratch
  • Add to turmeric latte, spiced cider, spiced hot chocolate and other hot beverages
  • Add to cakes, cookies, pies and other baked goods
  • Crack a pod into curries, soups and stews for another flavor dimension

Great pairings: Ceylon cinnamon sticks, whole cloves