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Only disappointment.

My only qualm is that I could not find the product in a much larger packet.

Hi Mike,
It looks like you bought our 1.25oz starter packet. We also have 3.5oz size and 1lb (16oz) size. You can select which one you want above the 'add to cart' button. Thanks for your review!

Sensational quality

The cardamom is THE best I've ever had: rich, fresh fragrance and flavor. I've found a new spice mecca and am spoiled for any other spice source. The spices I now have pale in comparison and beg to be replaced. I've added cardamom to my American-style biscuits and will to my sweet yeast breads in the best Swedish fashion. Soon I'll be making cardamom cookies. Cinnamon Tree has a new devoted fan.

Excellent quality products

I use Cinnamon Organics curry powder to make Sri Lankan style chicken curries and Dhal curry. I used to use regular spices buying from local Asian supermarkets but these quality products open my taste buds. The curries were good and everyone realized a difference. I Love cooking with quality ingredients. Will try more products.

Not what i expected

No smell. Not satisfied

Hi Alexandra,
I'm sorry you didn't like it but I appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Ceylon cinnamon is mild and more delicate than prevalent 'cassia' and Ceylon cinnamon sticks actually does not have a strong smell.

I ordered the Roasted Curry Powder to make a black pork curry. The aroma and flavor was superb. Will definitely order again!


On a health tip from our daughter, I looked into "Ceylon" cinnamon and then looked for an organic brand. I chose Cinnamon Tree after looking at several different sources and I am very happy with it. My wife has Alzheimer's and, while there is no conclusive research, our Primary Care said she could see no downside and there are health benefits. I use it in a Cocoa flavored smoothie which is a medium for some of Bredesen's ReCODE Protocol ingredients.

Great Company, Excellent Products

I feel fortunate to have found The Cinnamon Tree Organics. First of, they are local, and who doesn't want to support local businesses? I used to order cinnamon sticks from the UK. Not anymore. With these guys the customer service is superb, so is the packaging and delivery. And the ORGANIC cinnamon is amazingly fresh, fragrant and tasty.
Thank you, Cinnamon Tree!

Best cinnamon ever

This is the best cinnamon I've ever tasted.

Great Service for a Great Spice

This curry is really nice - it has an interesting, pleasing taste without being too strong or harsh. It was delivered on-time and packaged carefully.

Amazing Flavor!

Great product!! so much better than typical cinnamon


I made cashew curry with this spice and it came out amazing! Not really spicy which was a relief from someone who didn’t know what to expect from this and can’t handle a lot of heat/spice.

Incredible spice!

Your unroasted curry powder is better than I expected! The flavor is excellent and very different from store bought curry powder. There's no comparison!

Had no clue there were different cinnamons!

I was mind blown when I found out that there were different types of cinnamon, and had no clue that the current type we were using (the typical kind sold in stores) could actually be hard on our organs (as someone with past kidney issues, I didn’t want to take a chance). You can absolutely tell a difference in taste and smell with this Ceylon cinnamon. While the old cinnamon smelled and tasted like, well, what we’ve been assuming cinnamon would smell/taste like (for lack of better description, lol), this Ceylon smells less like “just cinnamon”/just one spice and more like “Christmas” or “holiday” in general, lol (more of like a fresh, varied mix/richer spice blend. Smells almost like my mom’s old holiday potpourri - but in a really good way). Once we received and tried it, we immediately went and got rid of our old cinnamon (they were all also expired, so who knows how many years old they were, as most spices at the store are already a few years old to begin with).

So fresh and spicy!

We have literally been using the red chili flakes daily since receiving them. We absolutely love them on our homemade veggie pizza, etc. Very fresh and you can just tell so much better tasting than the usual ones we were buying from the grocery store.

The Real Deal

I used the ceylon for a heart cleanse. Combine organic Ginger, Lemon, Garlic cloves, Honey. About 7-14 days

Great Taste

Great taste and we loved it so much. I will buy again and I recommend for purchase by anyone.

Freshest Chili Flakes!

Great flavor and great heat (though not overpowering). I like the way it crushed, no powder remained. Freshest I have found so far. Definitely, I will order them again and again.


Exactly what I ordered and in just the right time. Will continue to order from this company.

Wish i could try it!!

Unfortunately I never received the ginger i ordered. The tracking says it is in transit somewhere. I ordered it on December 28, 2020...our postal system is extremely bad!! I was so looking forward to baking with it.

Hi Debby, I'm sorry you haven't received your order yet. As you know, all carriers were experiencing major delays during the holiday rush due to the pandemic and high demand. As a small business, we are dependent on their services. We have sent you an email.

Adequate product. Long delivery time will limit any future purchase.

Hi Sakinah, Thank you for your review! As you know, all carriers were experiencing major delays during the holiday rush due to the pandemic and high demand. As a small business, we are dependent on their services. We have sent you an email to explain further.

The Best Cinnamon

I read an article that talked about the differences in cinnamon that enlightened me to where to purchase the best cinnamon, which is cinnamon from Sri Lanka. I have found this cinnamon to have a much richer flavor. I use it in my baking and on cinnamon/sugar toast in the morning.

In the first reciepe I

In the first reciepe I made with these they were too spicy to me, the next time I made this receipe I put half or less of the amount of cardamom it called for .

Aromatically to die for.

I purchased this cinnamon to make an Egyptian ancient perfume. The aroma was exactly what I was looking for. Fresh, spicy, and delightful.


This Cinnamon Is flavorful but not overwhelming. Do use it in my coffee in the morning I’ll be in the afternoon and French toast as well!

Haven't received item

I'm not ignoring your 2nd request for a rating. I haven't received the cinnamon yet. I understand there are shipping problems with USPS so I am not worried. I will let you know how I like the item once I receive it.
Be safe and have a Happy New Year.