Our Story

How do you flavor your dishes when you cook at home? If you use spices off the grocery store shelf, sauces, pastes and other condiments, they’re most probably loaded with sugar, salt, chemicals and who knows what else? If you use single origin spices on the other hand, you know the staggering difference it makes to the flavor, aroma and color of your dishes.

My name is Nadee and together with my husband Sujaai, you could probably say we fell into this business. We got our hands on some fresh spices —  cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne, cardamom and more — and were blown away. Nothing we have tasted from the grocery store smelled like this. And we transformed into pretty excellent cooks overnight (if we do say so ourselves). We love to entertain and our friends wanted in on the secret, and they told everyone else. So here we are.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, we both have memories of extended families gathering for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, even funerals (yes, really!) where food was the epicenter of the whole event. Aunties and grandmothers would toil away in gallery-like home kitchens, gossiping and sipping our famous Ceylon tea, and wonderful aromas would soon start wafting from within, sweet and spicy and tangy and fruity. Us kids were encouraged to stay away from the kitchen in case one of us fell over the exposed-blade coconut scraper or the open flames while chasing each other, because induction stove tops weren’t a thing back then. Food tasted much better then, cooked in clay pots over an open hearth alight with coconut husks.

Those are the memories these fresh spices brought back to us. That’s the opportunity we’re offering you now. To make your own memories around the dining table, making friends and strengthening relationships over a delicious meal made with love and nature's best ingredients. 

We learned that nature is so amazing that she gets it right the first time, every time, and there is just no need to add enhancers, preservatives and chemicals to spices. Ours are grown organically using traditional methods that respect the environment, proven over generations in our farmers’ families, and we work directly with them to source the most potent varieties of spices. 

As we grow our business, we want to help our farmers grow into international markets, dedicating 10% of our profits to help them get machinery to work more efficiently, put up irrigation systems and pay living wages to their employees. We also cook hot meals for homeless shelters around Washington, D.C. because everyone deserves a nourishing, scrumptious meal.

Welcome to a new world of fresh flavor! We invite you to take a tour around our website and sign up for our newsletter for updates on new harvests and products. Want to know what Sri Lankan food tastes like? Spoiler alert: our friends say it's spicier and rather different from Indian food. Check out some of our recipes and join our Facebook group to weigh in on how they turned out for you. Follow us on Instagram to see us in action, from sourcing trips to events to all things small business entrepreneurship. We're so glad you found us!