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Organic White Peppercorns

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White peppercorn is produced by fermenting pepper berries in water, then removing the outer peel that would have otherwise produced black peppercorn. So, white pepper is the same as black pepper (Piper nigrum) without the crinkled outer peel. Many chefs prefer white pepper when they want to add a spicy kick to creamy dishes, but don't want black flecks throughout the dish.

This white peppercorn packs a punch and has a strong, funky flavor left over by fermentation.

  • USDA certified organic
  • Naturally fermented and naturally dried in the tropical sun
  • No chemicals added


  • Sprinkle on salads, pasta, dips
  • Mix into creamy potato salad, macaroni and cheese, fluffy mashed potatoes and white sauces
  • East Asian and South East Asian dishes that specifically use white pepper

Harvesting details

Our farmer grows his peppercorn alongside Ceylon cinnamon in the central hills of Sri Lanka. During the harvesting season between June and August every year, he watches for the green berries to start ripening and turning red. This is how he knows it's time to send the pickers up ladders to handpick the berries individually.

To make white pepper, our farmer naturally ferments the fresh pepper berries in barrels of water for about 5-6 days. Fermentation helps loosen up the outer peel and when scrubbed with a wire mesh, it falls off easily to reveal the pale white peppercorn within. 

 Don't have a pepper mill? Get ground white pepper.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Matters
White peppercorn

These white peppercorns are amazing they burst with flavor definitely recommend

Best for Spicy Yellow Curry !

I used this product for yellow curry yesterday. So spicy and it has really good aroma. I didn't taste the unique taste of regular black pepper. I believe, it comes from the coat which white peppercorns don't have. This is going to be new era in my kitchen ~~ SPICY YELLOW CURRY recipes :)