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Cinnamon Tree Organics Single origin organically grown turmeric 1.25z
Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin organically grown turmeric from Sri Lanka
Cinnamon Tree Organics Single origin organically grown turmeric 3.5Oz
Sri Lankan Turmeric
Cinnamon Tree Organics Ground Turmeric

Ground Ceylon Turmeric

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We have sold out of our 2020 turmeric harvest. Our farmers are working on a bright new batch for 2021, which will be available by Spring. Please sign up for restock alerts above.

"This is some serious turmeric."— customer at Bethesda Farmers Market, MD

Our turmeric is as fresh and all-natural as it gets, you'll see the difference the moment you lay your eyes on it. It's a muddy orange-brown color, which is the first indication that it's all turmeric and nothing but the turmeric!

Because our turmeric is so fresh and potent, we recommend starting with just half the amount a recipe calls for, and using caution you don't want yellowed counter tops!

Tastes floral and sweet with notes of citrus and ginger.

  • Organically grown in Sri Lanka
  • Heirloom Ceylon variety
  • No added colors, anti-caking agents or preservatives

How to use turmeric every day

It's possible to incorporate more turmeric into your lifestyle without making curries every day.

  • Add to soup, broth and sprinkle into chili
  • Make a trendy yet oh-so-comforting turmeric latte
  • Add to smoothies and superfood lattes
  • Make Alison Roman's Lemony Turmeric Tea Cake from NYT Cooking
  • Stir into a warm vegetable, meat or seafood curry (obviously!)


Our farmer organically grows this heirloom strand of turmeric native to Sri Lanka in the central hills of the island. During the harvesting season from January to March, he harvests the turmeric root by hand. After washing off the crops, he boils them in water to seal in the natural taste, before drying it out in the tropical sun.

We place orders for our farmer's turmeric at intervals throughout the year until he runs out, and he grinds it fresh on demand. That means you get it on your doorstep months after it's been powdered with flavors and natural oils intact, with nothing else hidden in it.

Did you know traditional supply chains place spices, including turmeric, in warehouses with poor lighting, temperature controls, humidity levels and hygienic conditions, taking up to five years to reach a grocery store shelf? By this time, any flavors, aromas and colors will have faded away! Note the color of the turmeric you buy — if it's bright sunshiny yellow, there is a good chance that artificial colors and other harmful chemicals have been added to mask the effects of the journey.

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