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Cinnamon Tree Organics single origin whole cloves

Fresh Whole Cloves

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Did you know cloves are dried flower buds? A pinch of this pungent and strong-flavored spice is all you need to elevate recipes to a whole new flavor dimension.

  • Grown organically in the central hills of Sri Lanka
  • Dried under the tropical sun
  • Harvested by hand

Cooking with whole cloves

  • Add to homemade masala chai (chai tea), spiced cider, spiced hot chocolate
  • Use a spice grinder to grind fresh into cookies and other sweet bakes
  • Add a clove or two into savory and spicy dishes like curries, soups and stews
  • Add to turmeric rice and other spiced grains

Need powder? Check out our freshly ground clove.

Harvesting details

Cloves are flower buds that grow in bunches on clove trees. In Sri Lanka, clove trees grow wild and don't need much fertilizer. When cultivated for commercial crops, it's easy to grow cloves completely organically. Once planted, clove plants take about five years to mature and start producing flowers. From then on, they bloom once a year for the lifetime of the tree, which is about 40 years.

Our farmer's clove grove is harvested by hand. Around the time of the season, he keeps his eyes peeled for just the precise time: when the buds are about to bloom but haven't started opening petals. This is the moment the natural oils in cloves are at its optimum flavor and fragrance. A day too late, and the flavors may change as the petals open.

Before laying out the harvest in the topical sun to dry naturally and gain its dark-chocolate color, it goes through a manual inspection to separate buds that are completely closed from those that have started to open.

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